Our Affordable Packages Make Trips to the Adelaide 500 Straightforward

Held on the streets of East Adelaide, the annual Adelaide 500 is the perfect sporting event for petrolheads who love to watch the world’s most daring drivers race the most impressive supercars around bends and straights in one of Australia’s largest cities. Given the event takes place on the roads more.

Experience Amazing Packages Containing Trips to the Australian Grand Prix

Boys Trip is proud to offer a series of sports travel packages that take you to the Australian Grand Prix. If you’ve never had the opportunity to be up close, to see and hear everything at the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne City, then this is a trip you don’t want to pass up. Our trips to the Australian Grand Prix make more.

See the Bathurst 1000 in Person with Complete Trip Packages

Wouldn’t it be great if you and your mates could see the Bathurst 1000 from the stands instead of from a family room? Boys Trip offers Bathurst 1000 packages that are affordable and customisable, ensuring an excellent time for all. We have packages to fit your budget for sports travel around Australia. more.

Looking for Formula 1 Group Packages? Book Your Package with Boys Trip

Are you looking for a Formula 1 group package so you can travel to Melbourne with your mates or family for the big event? Grand Prix weekend is an exciting time for diehard racing fans. If you’ve never flown from NZ to Australia to catch this event live, we have a plan for you — plus a few tips to help you make more.

At Boys Trip, Find Corporate Packages for Trips to the Gold Coast 600 with V8 Accommodation Worth Gold

Do you love watching the Gold Coast 600 on television or on YouTube but always feel the highlight clips are much too short? Why not indulge in one of our trips to the Gold Coast 600 so that you don't need to miss a minute of these splendid Supercar races? more.



Arrange Trips to the Melbourne Cup with Packages from Boys Trip

There is nothing quite like spending a week at the Melbourne Cup. Every November, the Victoria Racing Club in Melbourne puts on a legendary 3,200-metre thoroughbred horse race at the Flemington Racecourse. With a purse of $7.2 million for the winning horse, the race is one of the richest horse races in the world. The race is run on the first Tuesday of November, drawing more.

Discover Our MotoGP Packages for a Group Trip to Phillip Island

Reconnect with your mates, take the family on a sporting holiday or explore the circuit with your bike-loving girlfriend. Regardless of your reason for going, we have the perfect MotoGP packages that will make the trip an experience to remember. At Boys Trip, we cater our travel packages for Kiwi’s to get more.

Interested in Group Trip Packages for Your Favourite Motorsport Events? Let Boys Trip Handle It

The din of the crowd, the roar of engines — there aren't many things in life as exciting and invigorating as one of the world's flagship racing events. For many Kiwis, though, that excitement is experienced at a distance and often only on a television screen. How many times have you and your mates imagined plans more.

Discover NRL Rugby League Grand Final Corporate Trip Packages

Boys Trip focuses on giving you, your friends, and your family members a chance to go on an NRL Grand Final trip while keeping the booking process easy. Our goal is to give rugby fans in New Zealand an easy way to travel to Australia to witness an epic game. more.

Don't Miss the Best Rugby League Action with Group Package Tours Arranged by Boys Trip

What is it about rugby that you love the most? Is it the raw power on display, the tactics, or the rivalries that keep you and your mates coming back for match after match? Well, there's nothing that can beat being there in person — so why not explore options for visiting Australia and taking in one of your more.

Looking for A Rugby League Tour Company with Affordable Tours and Sports Packages? Contact Boys Trip NZ

Since 2006 we have been creating sport travel packages for people wanting to attend some of the major sporting events available. Our packages are inclusive of airfares, airport transfers, travel insurance and event tickets. We pride ourselves on being able to organise sightseeing options and any other upgrades more.

Love F1? Explore Trips to the Singapore Grand Prix with Tailored Boys Trip Packages

The Singapore Grand Prix is one of the jewels of the Formula One World Championship series, with its vaunted Marina Bay street circuit challenging even the best drivers in the profession. Occurring at night under the lights and in front of tens of thousands of fans; the humid climate makes the contest more.

Boys Trip NZ Offer Full Packages for Trips to Supercar Events at Affordable Rates

There are very few things as exhilarating as being trackside watching some of the fastest cars race around the tarmac. If just reading that sentence made your heart race, keep on reading. At Boys Trip, we excel in getting your sports adrenaline pumping. Each one of us has done this and understand what it more.

Want to See More Football but Don't Enjoy Arranging Trips? Let Someone Else Arrange Group Tours for You Instead

Travel is one of the greatest joys life has to offer, but the process necessary to get to the good parts can often be as much of a barrier to going places as anything else. There's so much to arrange — flights and hotel bookings alone can be a time-consuming task, not to mention acquiring the tickets to the event more.

Book Your Supercars Trip with Our Group Packages

If you’ve ever been interested in going to see a Supercars event in Australia, such as the Australian Grand Prix, then Boys Trip is the place to start. We handle all the fiddly details so that you can enjoy your Supercars trip to the fullest. more.

Get to Australia’s Hottest Sports Events with Our Travel Agency and Tailored Packages

Whether you like watching fast cars, motorbikes, horse races, cricket matches or challenging rugby league games, we are a sports travel agency that will get you to one of these top events in Australia. At Boys Trip, we will arrange your entire holiday with our sports travel packages designed and tailored to more.

Boys Trip: An Easier Way to Plan Trips to Australian Sports Events

Travelling to Australian sporting events like the thrilling Melbourne Cup, the unmissable NRL Grand Final, or the Bathurst 1000 is a blast. These events are high-profile and famous not only for their intense levels of competition but also for their spectating atmosphere. While sports trips to Australia are a lot of fun more.

Make Your Australia Sports Trip Dream Come True with Sports Tours and Packages from Boys Trip

‘One day, we need to get over to Australia for the Melbourne Cup.’ How many times have you uttered a sentence like this one? The event may differ depending on where your passion lies—you could be dreaming about the Australian Grand Prix instead of the Melbourne Cup, more.

Experience the Excitement of Australia’s Supercars with Group Trip Packages

The sounds and excitement of being trackside on race day are yours for the taking with Boys Trips Supercars group packages. Each package involves multi-day events including travel, races, and other perks to enjoy while you visit Gold Coast or Mount Panorama. Gather your mates for an exciting time more.

Boys Trip Provides Excellent State of Origin Game 1 Packages

Do you feel the tension rising, day after day, as the State of Origin games are drawing near? When you're asleep at night, do the number 26 and the words "Q vs NSW" keep reappearing in your dreams? When you're at more.

Make the Most of Your State of Origin Game 2 Packages with Boys Trip

Rugby fans, take note: if you’re planning a State of Origin Game 2 trip from NZ to Australia, there are some things to keep in mind to get the most from your experience. There are few occasions as exciting as attending a live sporting event, and nothing beats the experience of organised sports travel without the more.

Take a Trip to See State of Origin Game 3 with Inclusive Packages

Do you want to see the final State of Origin game on TV or in person? If being there to experience the excitement is your preference, Boys Trip has a package deal that saves you time and money and delivers the experience of a lifetime. We offer State of Origin Game 3 packages that are affordable and eliminate more.

Enjoy Australian Sports with Travel Packages and Tours, Including to Moonee Valley’s Cox Plate

Boys Trip is known for crafting some of the most exciting and exhilarating sports tours, particularly to some of Australia’s best events. Some of these events, such as the Australian Grand Prix and Moonee Valley Cox Plate packages are annual favourites and provide a fantastic opportunity to see Australia. To more.

Why You Can Trust Boys Trip for All Australian Sport Event Packages Such as the Domain Boxing Day Test

If you’re an avid fan of cricket, you need to attend the annual Domain Boxing Day test at least once in your life, where the Australian national cricket team takes on an opposer that’s touring Australia during the summer in the southern hemisphere. The event begins on Boxing Day every year and takes place at more.