Tackle Thrills with Rugby League Group Package Tours

Don't Miss the Best Rugby League Action with Group Package Tours Arranged by Boys Trip

What is it about rugby that you love the most? Is it the raw power on display, the tactics, or the rivalries that keep you and your mates coming back for match after match? Well, there's nothing that can beat being there in person — so why not explore options for visiting Australia and taking in one of your favourite events live? From the Magic Round in May to the NRL Grand Final and the State of Origin competition, there's no shortage of opportunity. With a travel consultant from Boys Trip assisting you with the arrangement of a rugby group package, you can say you were there — and enjoy making memories for a lifetime with your mates.

From arranging flights and accommodation to the seats that you want most, we take care to cover every aspect of organising your travel. The convenience of our service allows your group the freedom to fill in the blanks between the event and your explore as you like. Don't let our name fool you, either. Boys Trip is no boys’ club; we arrange trips for everyone, including whole families, couples, women, and even those who prefer to travel solo. So what do we do to offer a superior choice for sports travel?

How We Offer Superior Rugby Tours to Our Clients

Personal service is first on the list. Too often, the process of arranging travel becomes a confusing mess with too many people to keep track of and too much confusion. We cut through all that by offering a single point of contact for you once you begin coordinating a group package from Boys Trip. Your travel consultant not only simplifies communications but acts as your private resource to ensure everything is just as you'd like.

Next up, we offer some flexibility when you purchase a Rugby League group package from Boys Trip. Other packages are very much "what you see is what you get" — but not here. Instead, we can help by extending or shortening your sports travel as necessary to provide the ideal experience. Let us know what you're interested in, and we'll do our utmost to make it happen.

Finally, of course, is price — we know you're on a budget, but that doesn't mean incredible opportunities aren't available. We compete vigorously on package pricing, putting more value into every leg of your trip. We don't just hand you a fistful of tickets; we work to make dreams a reality.

Start Planning: Begin Looking Forward to Your Event Today

The best way to get value from our package deals is to plan, so ring up your mates and let them know you've got an excellent idea to share with them. We encourage you to register your interest early to improve the likelihood that we can accommodate special requests, such as particular seats or views. Learn more about our current packages or say hello now.