travelling with friends

Never Forget These 9 Travel Essentials When Going on a Group Trip with Friends

Prepare for your group trip with these essential items: tickets, travel documents, Wi-Fi router, emergency kit, snacks, and more for a smooth journey.

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travelling tourist

7 Tips to Avoid Being the "Ugly Traveller" Everyone Hates

Discover essential tips for respectful travel: research destinations, dress appropriately, respect local customs, and minimize environmental impact.

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man driving a car

6 Important Considerations to Make When Travelling with the Guys

Plan an epic boys' trip with these essential tips, from choosing the right destination to coordinating activities and setting clear expectations.

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Travel Buddies

5 Tips and Tricks for Planning the Perfect Trip with Your Mates

Learn essential tips for seamless group travel planning, from aligning schedules and choosing activities to booking arrangements and preparing for emergencies.

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Racing events

Our 2024 Racing Calendar: Must-Attend Events in Australia and Beyond

Discover must-attend motorsport events in Australia and beyond with Boys Trip's curated racing calendar for 2024. Book your ultimate sports experience now.

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Exploring the Psychology of Sports Travel: How Spectatorship Enhances the Travel Experience

Discover how attending sports events enriches your travel experience. Immerse in local culture and create unforgettable memories with sports travel.

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6 Things That Make Australia the Best Travel Destination for Kiwis

Experience Australia's allure for Kiwi adventurers! From natural wonders to sporting rivalries, discover why Australia is a top travel choice for Kiwis.

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rugby back 1

6 Awesome Rugby Events You Shouldn’t Miss This 2024

Discover the ultimate rugby events in 2024! From Las Vegas to Madrid, experience the excitement of top-level rugby competitions.

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Live Sport - Does It Get Any Better Than Being There?

A lot of people think sport is best viewed from the butt groove in their couch. At Boys Trip we disagree!

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Does 'Boys Trip' Mean Boys Only?


The short answer is no, absolutely not. People of all gender identities and sexual orientations are welcome.

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