Experience the Excitement of Australia’s Supercars with Group Trip Packages

The sounds and excitement of being trackside on race day are yours for the taking with Boys Trips Supercars group packages. Each package involves multi-day events including travel, races, and other perks to enjoy while you visit Gold Coast or Mount Panorama. Gather your mates for an exciting time and choose which event you’d like to visit; if you can’t decide, you can always go to both!

What’s Included in our Supercars Packages?

Two big events, the Bathurst 1000 and the Gold Coast 600, take place in October. On their own, either would make for an exciting Supercars trip for you and your friends or family members, but our packages offer you a unique experience both on and off the track. Here’s how.

  • Bathurst 1000 – Clear your schedule now to make sure you don’t miss out on The Great Race and Mount Panorama. Our group packages provide an easy way to arrange a visit, whether you’re an annual Supercars attendee or planning for your first time making the trip. We keep things accessible and suited to your tastes and budget by offering three separate packages.

    The Sydney Weekend Package is suited for those who want to make it to the race but can’t take off too much time. Airfare, transit, and event passes are included along with the option to upgrade.

    The Campervan Package puts you at the heart of the Supercars action, letting you camp at Mount Panorama in style. The package has you in the comfort of a Maui Campervan.

    The Motel Package is suited for those who want a long stay without Campervan lodging. You'll enjoy several days at Mount Panorama, take in the races, then head to Sydney for a night before returning to New Zealand.

  • Gold Coast 600 – Take a well-deserved trip to Surfers Paradise for an entertainment experience that continues on and off the track. This year’s event includes energising music, excellent racing, and welcoming accommodations. With this package, we’ll host you at the Mantra Sun City Hotel right on the edge of the race track. The group sports travel package includes airfare, buffet breakfasts, passes to the main event, and transit to and from accommodations.

These Supercars packages are sure to entice, and for those groups that want a little extra, there are upgrades available.

Trust Boys Trip for a Great Time at the Races

We are a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company, and we’ve organised sports travel trips successfully for 14 years. By this point, we’ve seen it all and know how to find the best spots for everything Supercars has to offer. We believe in sports travel made easy, so let us do the legwork so that you and your mates or spouse can have an amazing time without having to worry about the logistics. Contact us to learn more about our packages and the options that are available.