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Why You Can Trust Boys Trip for All Australian Sport Event Packages Such as the Domain Boxing Day Test

If you’re an avid fan of cricket, you need to attend the annual Domain Boxing Day test at least once in your life, where the Australian national cricket team takes on an opposer that’s touring Australia during the summer in the southern hemisphere. The event begins on Boxing Day every year and takes place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), which is the world’s largest cricket ground with a seating capacity of over 100,000. However, if you don’t live in New Zealand, attending the event can be a hassle.

First, you need to find affordable tickets for the event, flights and hotels. You also need to think about airport transfers and how you’ll reach the MCG from your hotel. The total cost of such Australian sports trips can add up to quite a sum as well as be time-consuming because of how many websites you’ll have to scour to find the best deals. Alternatively, you could let our professionals do the hard work while helping you save money in the process.

At Boys Trip, we’re a travel agency that organises trips to Australia’s most exciting sporting events for residents of New Zealand. Whether you’re a lone traveller, a family, a group of friends or an entire company, you can trust that our domain Boxing Day test packages are affordable and straightforward. Since 2006, we’ve been organising Australian sport event packages for Kiwi residents, and we can say with confidence that our prices can’t be beaten. Keep reading below to find out why we’re the obvious choice to book your trips to the Domain Boxing Day Test.

Why You Can Trust the Professionals at Boys Trip

We commit to making travelling to some of Australia’s most exciting sports events as straightforward as possible, which is why we’ll handle every detail of the trip on your behalf. We can take care of:

  • Flight tickets
  • Airport transfers
  • Hotel bookings
  • Transport from your accommodation to the MCG
  • Cricket ground tickets

We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor packages to suit your unique requirements. Do you want a specific seat on the plane or at the MCG? Do you want a budget hotel or one that has all the amenities you need to make the most of your holiday? Regardless of your preferences, we can organise a package that’s right for you, and there’s no need to deal with several salespeople.

When you partner with Boys Trip to book corporate travel packages or family getaways to the Domain Boxing Test, you’ll only have to deal with one consultant – it’s part of our commitment to making things as stress-free for you as possible. Moreover, your personal travel agent can accompany you during your trip to ensure you never have to worry about problems arising.

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Perhaps the most significant benefit of our service is that our prices are unbeatable. We don’t just promise to match the cost of a more affordable sports tour provider. We guarantee to knock 10% off any cheaper quote you find. If you have any questions or want to secure your seats at the next annual Domain Boxing Day test, contact one of our professionals using the details at the bottom of our home page.