Discover NRL Rugby League Grand Final Corporate Trip Packages

Boys Trip focuses on giving you, your friends, and your family members a chance to go on an NRL Grand Final trip while keeping the booking process easy. Our goal is to give rugby fans in New Zealand an easy way to travel to Australia to witness an epic game.

Bookings for Rugby League Packages Made Easy

We aim to be as flexible as possible, which is why we are more than happy to tailor our NRL Grand Final packages to suit your needs. As a smaller company, we offer a more personalised sports travel experience. Very often, the same agent will work with you throughout your booking process and your trip and will be glad to address any needs you may have while travelling. By focusing on stellar service and delivering a personal touch, we have become a popular travel company in New Zealand that focuses exclusively on helping you travel to sporting events.

If you have been talking about taking a trip forever but it’s never actually happened, then leave all the organising to Boys Trip. We handle all the little details so that you can focus on enjoying your trip with your closest friends. We are also proud to offer sports travel packages for the Bathurst 1000, the Melbourne Cup, the Australian Grand Prix, State of Origin, Australian MotoGP, Gold Coast 600, and the Adelaide 500, so if you are happy with your NRL Grand Final trip, we have tonnes more to offer you.

More About Boys Trip and Why We Don’t Just Focus on the Boys

We like to think of ourselves as your well-organised friends rather than your travel agents. We cater to groups, couples, families, solo travellers, and sporting teams, and we offer NRL Grand Final corporate packages for co-workers to enjoy, too. We never want anyone to think that we only offer trips to twenty-something boys looking for an adventure: we are happy to accommodate men and women of all ages. We know sports fanatics enjoy catching live action with their mates as well as their families. Our name originates from our founding by three best friends who made it a priority to go on a boys trip once a year together to catch up and enjoy a sports event. We want you to be able to enjoy a rugby league trip no matter who you are.

We concentrate on giving you competitively-priced options so that you can go on your dream trip without breaking the bank. Our company is 100% owned and operated by New Zealand locals who are passionate about helping you finally take the next step in taking that trip to go watch rugby in Australia. The NRL Grand Final is the culmination of seven months’ worth of gruelling games. Sit in the stadium and witness the spectacle of the finale.

Contact us today find out about our rugby league packages and take that NRL Grand Final trip you’ve been talking about for years. We are here to help you every step of the way to make your holiday one of a kind.