Make Your Australia Sports Trip Dream Come True with Sports Tours and Packages from Boys Trip

‘One day, we need to get over to Australia for the Melbourne Cup.’

How many times have you uttered a sentence like this one? The event may differ depending on where your passion lies—you could be dreaming about the Australian Grand Prix instead of the Melbourne Cup, or maybe State of Origin or the NRL Magic Round. Regardless of which event you have in mind, we know that almost everyone has at least one sports travel experience on their bucket list that they haven’t taken yet. At Boys Trip, we can help, with sports packages to Australia to get you front and centre for the big-ticket events you’ve always wanted to witness.

Planning Your Event

Kiwi sports lovers are great at talking about planning a trip, but they aren’t always great at actually organising one. In their defence, planning sports tours is tough work, involving a lot of logistical planning and a slew of different bookings to keep straight. In addition to getting tickets to the event, you need to figure out airfare, book accommodation near the event venue, and plan how you are going to get around once you get to your destination.

It’s the thought of all these logistical steps that causes many Kiwi guys and girls to put their epic sports trips on hold. ‘We’ll do it next year,’ they say, or maybe in a few years. Too often, ‘next year’ is always ‘next year,’ and Kiwi sports fans end up missing out on remarkable sports travel experiences that stay with them for decades.

At Boys Trip, our job is to help you get past all the barriers and hurdles so that you can have the sports travel experience that you’ve been dreaming about for years. We work with sporting enthusiasts just like you to put together comprehensive sports packages for travel. We work with you to plan airfare, transportation, event tickets, accommodation, travel insurance, and other aspects of your trip. We strive to tailor every aspect of your trip to your needs, which means we can help you plan a trip whether you are travelling with your spouse, with a couple of close friends, or as part of a sporting team or club.

We want you to have a trip you will never forget without getting bogged down with all the details and stressors of the planning process. Sports tours should be complete, unbridled fun, and with the help of Boys Trip, they can be.

Get in on the Action with Our Sports Packages to Australia

Watching a horse race or a rugby match on your TV is great, but it doesn’t compare to being there. Nothing beats sitting in the stands, right in the heart of the action, hearing the roar of the crowd around you as you watch a fantastic sporting event play out right before your eyes. This type of experience is precisely what Boys Trip is offering with our sports packages. To learn more, or to get started with planning, contact us today.