Plan Your Sports Travel to the United States with Indy 500 & NASCAR Packages from Boys Trip

Are you an auto racing enthusiast?

If so, a trip to the United States to witness world-class races like the Indianapolis 500 needs to be somewhere on your bucket list. The Indy 500 has been running since 1911 and is the gold standard for motorsport races. The USA—specifically, the city of Charlotte, North Carolina—is also the home of NASCAR. If you are interested in planning trips to Indy 500 & NASCAR in the United States, Boys Trip can help.

How Our Indy 500 & NASCAR Packages Work

At Boys Trip, we have been helping motorsport enthusiasts from New Zealand plan unforgettable sports trips since 2006. We know that planning a trip to a foreign country can be a logistical challenge—especially when you are trying to get there for a big-ticket event like the Indy 500. Our job is to eliminate the logistical hurdles and make things easy for you.

When you work with Boys Trip to book your Indy 500 & NASCAR trips, we take care of everything. Tickets? We secure them for you and your friends or family. Accommodation? We find you convenient hotel or lodging arrangements. Airfare? We get you on the right flights to make sure you get to your destination well ahead of your event start time. We’ll even handle things like travel insurance for you.

In all cases, we’re happy to tailor our packages to suit the needs of each client. Not all our Indy 500 & NASCAR packages need to be identical. The centrepiece of the trip—the race or event you are attending—is going to be the same, but you can mould the rest of your vacation based on the type of trip you want to have. As a small, hands-on sports travel company, we know that many other travel companies don’t allow much flexibility.

When do you want to fly? Where do you want to stay? What other attractions—such as museums—do you want to experience during your time in the United States? What is your budget? At Boys Trip, we ask you all these questions and more to make sure we are planning the kind of Indy 500 & NASCAR trips that you want to experience.

A Lifetime Memory Awaits

If you love motorsport, you needto behold the Indy 500. The event packs half a million fans into the stands at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for one of the most exciting and electric spectating experiences in all of sport. NASCAR is a similarly thrilling experience, well worth a trip to the United States.

If you are ready to cross one or both of these experiences off your bucket list, start by getting in touch with our team at Boys Trip. We will work with you to put together trips to Indy 500 & NASCAR that you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life.