Enjoy an Exciting Horse Racing Trip with Your Friends with Our Group Packages

This winter doesn’t have to be spent indoors. At Boys Trip, we put together amazing opportunities for friend groups, couples, and families to explore what sports travel has to offer, including a horse racing trip to Canada for the Gold Cup and Saucer races. Bring your mates with you and unlock unique group packages as you share this unique experience.

Get Details on the Horse Racing Group Package Trip to Canada

These trips are full of exciting experiences for your group to enjoy across Canada. Our horse racing packages are divided into several legs of the journey that provide a varied experience of all that Canada has to offer. What to expect:

  • First Leg – The journey begins with flying to Toronto after a brief layover in Vancouver. The activities in Toronto include visits to Casie Coleman’s and Anthony McDonald’s stables. Their experiences with horse racing deliver the inside scoop and offer a unique perspective based on years of racing and stables management. Subsequent days in Toronto involve trips to Niagara Falls, the Stud Farms of Tara Hills, and Prince Lee. Your stay in Toronto closes with a free day that coincides with a Toronto Blue Jays game and buffet experience.

  • Second Leg – On August 15th, you will fly to Prince Edward Island just in time to unwind from the travel and enjoy the evening races at Red Shores and Casino. The Gold Cup and Saucer Parade takes place the next morning, so make sure to join in the festivities to start the weekend right. That Saturday night at midnight, the big event kicks off as the darkness gives way to a spotlight race that is unlike any other. There is a rain date on Sunday, but if the weather is fair, you will have a free day to reflect on the experience and enjoy the beauty of Prince Edward Island.

  • Third Leg – The return journey begins on Monday with travel to Toronto then to Vancouver. You’ll have a few hours to stretch and walk around or grab some food before beginning the flight that evening. Due to the time difference and length of the flight, you’ll arrive in Auckland early Wednesday morning.

Even though this horse racing package is 11 days long, it is packed with excitement and rare experiences. There is enough flexible time to breathe, so you’ll never get overwhelmed, and you and your crew will be refreshed and ready for the Gold Cup and Saucer race.

Let Boys Trip Horse Racing Packages Give You the Time of Your Life

We love having the opportunity to assemble group sports travel packages that are unlike any other. Each is carefully designed to provide a combination that highlights the history and excitement of the sport, and our horse racing package is no exception. Since you’ll be in Prince Edward Island during Old Home Week, there are plenty of other activities going on that you can explore during your free time before and after the evening races. Contact us to get a personal quote for this package for you and your friends, spouse, or family members to enjoy.